Freelance Feature Writer/Editor will nurture your work... be it an article, book, ebook, newsletter, blog, press release or website copy, Ciciwriter will WRITE FOR YOU... professional, 25+ years experience... in the Monterey Bay area


You've got a great story. You'd like to get it written or edited as a non-fiction book, memoir or guide. Perhaps you've got the manuscript written, but you either don't have the time to edit it, or you just are not a writer, and you know it. Who are you gonna call to write/edit it for you? Ciciwriter.

I'm an experienced, published, professional freelance feature / travel and PR writer and editor. I co-authored five romantic travel guides, written several ebooks, countless articles and edited numerous books for others, just like you. I've also promoted authors, self published and otherwise, as well as best-selling authors and their books. My work has been featured in 40+ publications including Entrepreneur and Parents magazines and newspapers such as the LA Times, NY Times and Reno Gazette Journal.

I can Write Your Book For You... Edit it For You or a combination...

How it works:

We talk on the phone once a week or two for about an hour.

You work with me, Ciciwriter to develop an outline for your book and then provide useful information for me to write a chapter. You can provide feedback on the chapters i either by phone or in writing, whichever you prefer. 

Have you already created material on video, audio, or on paper? Give me copies and I will write as much as I can without your help. Then I will interview you to fill in the gaps and missing information. 

Bottom line: It is your book: You tell me what you want to write about and let me create the book. We can come up with the outline together, or you can give me free reign and I will do it. Then send me the research or material you want included and I will write on your behalf.

Just make sure you read the final proof carefully to make sure you approve. (It also helps to know the material if you want to promote the book and sell it).

Remember: your book can only be as good as the info, interviews, research and materials you provide

Recorded interviews: I can tape interviews with you. That way we both have a record of the material.

If you have written material, let me take what you've already written and rewrite or edit it as needed. 

I can do your research for you. Love to explore, discover and find info. Am an excellent researcher and can find the best sources for the information you want. Or let me get the story from your clients or experts you want me to interview. 

Mix and match any or all of the above. 

Fees vary depending upon time and services needed.

Give me a call or shoot me an email... Free phone consultation to discuss your project and whether I might be the right writer for you. Send me a message through the contact form below and we can arrange a phone consultation. 
    Contact Ciciwriter for a free consultation at 702-225-8206 or via email at author444@yahoo.com.


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